Every lecture Gordon gives is unique Gordon begins with pre-determined subjects that have been selected by the meeting coordinator, however there is no outline available.  Each lecture is customized during the meeting itself.  As the day progresses, Gordon will constantly poll the audience and respond to participant queries.  Lack of participant interest will mean that Gordon won’t spend time on a given concept or topic.   Increased attendee interest, or participant questions may prompt Gordon to depart from his outline entirely in order to offer the best course for any location at any time. Much of what he discusses is extemporaneously provided. 
We encourage you to TAKE NOTESAfter the lecture, your notes will help locate further information on any subject discussed today.
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Online Resources

  • PCC “Ask Gordon” – Gordon has taken the most frequently asked questions and answered them in short video segments.  These videos are available FREE to you on our PCC website (www.pccdental.com). They are located under the tab “Ask Gordon”. 
  • PCC Additional References – Gordon writes dozens of articles each year.  These are valuable resources for you to find further information on a topic of interest.  A bibliography of his current articles is located on our website www.pccdental.com under “Additional Resources”. Many articles are available free of charge, and we have them linked to the publisher’s website for easy access.

CR-Clinicians Report – Our non-profit research group, the CR Foundation, has many resources available online at www.cliniciansreport.org.  If you are an online subscriber, the information is free.  If you are not a subscriber, some information requires a minimal charge to view.