Wyoming Dental Association (WyDA) Mission Statement

The WyDA is dedicated to excellence in the dental profession in Wyoming through continuing education for its members; though advocacy to enhance dental/medical opportunities for practitioners and through assisting its members to achieve the highest level of patient care to service Wyoming's populate needs. A membership in the Wyoming Dental Association is a "symbol of excellence".

P.O. Box 4959
Casper, WY 82604
Executive Director: Diane Bouzis

WyDA History

Dana LeRoy, D.D.S. President


Sheridan, Wyoming (307)674-6444 dleroywyo@yahoo.com


Immediate Past President:

Dr. Mike Shane, lander (307)332-3181 mshanedds@wyoming.com


Dr. Lance Griggs, Torrington (307)532-3227 griggsdds@gmail.com

Vice President:

Dr. Lynn Clifford, Lyman (307)786-2300 ljcza@yahoo.com


Dr. Deb Shevick, Laramie (307)742-7934 dish@com

ADA Delegate:

Dr. Rod Hill, Casper (307)265-3111 rodney@rodneychilldds.com

ADA Delegate:

Dr. Carl Jeffries, Worland (307)347-3994 dcjeffries@rtconnect.net

Southeast District Director:

Dr. Lorraine Gallagher, Cheyenne (307)426-4014 lorraine.gallagher@alpinedental.us

Northeast District Director:

Dr. Brian Cotant, Buffalo (307)684-2733 bcotant30@hotmail.com

Southwest District Director:

Dr. Don Frakes, Evanston (307)789-3496donfrakes@msn.com

Central District Director:

Dr. Paul Dona, Casper (307)234-3890 pauldona@gmail.com

South Central District Director:

Dr. John McPherson, Laramie 742-2328 mcpherson8170@msn.com

Northwest District Director:

Dr. Leslie Basse, Thermopolis 347-2544 lbasse@rtconnect.net